Oil Power Additive

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Oil Power Additive® - NEW

is an oil additive made ​​by "Ceramic Power Liquid", which considerably improves the function and lubricity of the oil.

Oil Power Additive®

for use in all petrol and diesel engines. Also suitable for transmission, differentials and ultra fine filter systems. Developed on bases of the specifications of all engine and vehicle manufacturers, improved with special active substances, high performance lubrication components and enriched with extremely high adhesives, for advanced smooth and dry running operations.

Oil Power Additive®

offers the following results:

1) Minimises engine and transmission noise

2) Protects against rust and corrosion

3) Reduces friction and wear

4) Prevents deposit build-up

5) Protects against hot sludge

6) Protects and cares for seals

7) Extends engine service life

8) Reduces exhaust emissions and minimises oil and fuel consumption

9) The product remains active for about 20,000 km.

Instructions for use:

It should be added to the fresh engine oil at every oil change. Also especially recommended for topping up used engine oil when using ultra fine bypass filter systems.

300 ml bottle is sufficient for 7 litres oil fill volume.

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