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Limited Online Tuning is the official distribution for online sales of original “Ceramic Power Liquid” products throughout Germany and Europe.


The ultimate engine oil additive to your engine to tune:

  - Increasing the motor power

  - Reduction of fuel consumption

  - Motor protection due to less wear

  - Indispensable complement for chip tuning, due to the higher loads in the engine

Our "Ceramic Power Liquid" products for all types of internal combustion engines already from € 58.02 in store !

Find the categories the right product for your engine and have fun with the better performance ;)



Finally a video explaining the astonishing method of operation of Ceramic Power Liquid !                                                   


Incredible! 22km drive without motor oil. Preliminarily treated with Ceramic Power Liquid.


CPL Benzin
82.05 *
CPL Diesel
82.05 *
CPL Evolution
89.74 *
CPL New Motor
58.25 *
CPL Sport
130.84 *
CPL Superbike
43.97 *
Benzina Power Additive
Diesel Power Additive
18.98 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery