Oil Circuit Cleaner

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Oil Circuit Cleaner® - NEW

cleans the entire oil and lubrication system of your vehicle. Thus you prevent long term deposits and dirt in the engine and manuagearbox.

Oil Circuit Cleaner®

for use in all petrol and diesel engines. Also suitable for manual transmissions, differentials and ultra fine filter systems.

Oil Circuit Cleaner®

offers the following results:

1) Eliminates all contamination and gumming which builds up in the entire oil and lubricant system during use

2) Removes residue from the piston rings

3) Neutralises harmful engine acids

4) Can be disposed of easily together with the used oil (solvent free)

5) Protects and cares for all rubber and plastic seals,


1) Fresh, new oil in a clean engine

2) Reduced oil and fuel consumption

3) Improved engine performance

4) Less engine wear

5) Extended service life of catalytic converter

6) Minimum noise from hydraulic valve lifters.

Instructions for use:

The cleaner should be added to the used engine oil prior to every oil change. Run the engine for about 10 minutes. Following this, change the oil and filters as directed by the manufacturer. In vehicles fitted with ultra fine filter systems, only change the filter insert and top up the used engine oil. It protects the engine during the cleaning process thanks to its highly effective anti-wear components.

400 ml bottle is sufficient for 6 litres oil fill volume.

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