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Ceramic Power Liquid® Gearbox and Differential

is a multi-functional ceramic gearbox oil additive which, compared to all existing gear oil supplemets, is unique in concept and superior in properties. Gearbox protector can be mixed with any type of oil.

It contains unique composition of shearstable polymers, antioxidants, antiwear additives and technically advanced combination of micronfine, soft ceramic and multiorganometallic complexes.

Attention: This product is not suitable for use in automatic transmissions or in limitter slip differential!

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Delivery weight: 135 g

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Oil Power Additive® - NEW

is an oil additive made ​​by "Ceramic Power Liquid", which considerably improves the function and lubricity of the oil.

34.45 *
Delivery weight: 340 g

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Oil Circuit Cleaner® - NEW

cleans the entire oil and lubrication system of your vehicle. Thus you prevent long term deposits and dirt in the engine and manual gearbox.

20.17 *
Delivery weight: 440 g

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