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Ceramic Power Liquid® Diesel

well-known and proven standard is the product (black) of the house “Ceramic Power Liquid” in up-to-date new appearance and improved prescription for over 25 years. It is suitable for normal, as well as older diesel engines.

82.05 *
Delivery weight: 375 g

Ceramic Power Liquid® Evolution - NEW

a new advancement of the well-known Ceramic power is liquid standard of product (black). It is particularly developed for the newer engine generations TDI, Common Rail and FSI, both for diesel and for petrol/gasoline engines with/without catalyst and/or turbo engines can be used.

89.74 *
Delivery weight: 435 g

In stock

Ceramic Power Liquid® Sport

particularly for sporty, turbo and/or high speed engines developed. In addition, the product increased mainly still more the engine performance and the acceleration values of the vehicle, reduces the fuel and oil consumption. It can be used also for normal and sporty diesel engines.

130.84 *
Delivery weight: 320 g

Ceramic Power Liquid® New Motor

it was developed particularly for new or only little brought in engines. Since with new engines the scoring respectively unevenness are still very small, became with this product, similar to that Sport of the product, which somewhat finer ceramic particle arranges (approx. 30%). Since thereby so many ceramic particles are also not needed, the contained quantity of ceramic particles is here again smaller than with the Standard (black) or Evolution product.

Thus it becomes by the favourable price the ideal entrance product. After approx. 50.000 km should one itself then for the accordingly needed variant: Standard (black), Evolution or Sport decide. This product is suitable for petrol/gasoline, like also diesel engines.

58.25 *
Delivery weight: 290 g

Ceramic Power Liquid® Mille Miglia (Old Timer)

was developed particularly for old timer engines, which are older than 1965-1970. There with these engines synthetic or full-synthetic engine oils are rather less suitable, an accordingly adapted basis oil were used here. Another important advantage for these vehicles is that it protects the engine with the cold starting, like e.g. after long tracing or service lives, which are not uncommon with old timers. The function mode of the product corresponds those to that Standard (black) and Evolution of the product and is for petrol/gasoline, like also diesel engines suitable.

82.05 *
Delivery weight: 375 g

Diesel Power Additive® - NEW

is the newest additive of the house "Ceramic Power Liquid" now with additional contents of 25 ml of the popular product "Atomic Fuel Power Liquid".

18.98 *
Delivery weight: 290 g

In stock

Oil Power Additive® - NEW

is an oil additive made ​​by "Ceramic Power Liquid", which considerably improves the function and lubricity of the oil.

34.45 *
Delivery weight: 340 g

In stock

Oil Circuit Cleaner® - NEW

cleans the entire oil and lubrication system of your vehicle. Thus you prevent long term deposits and dirt in the engine and manual gearbox.

20.17 *
Delivery weight: 440 g

In stock

Description comes in the next days !

17.79 *
Delivery weight: 245 g

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