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Ceramic Power Liquid® New Motor

it was developed particularly for new or only little brought in engines. Since with new engines the scoring respectively unevenness are still very small, became with this product, similar to that Sport of the product, which somewhat finer ceramic particle arranges (approx. 30%). Since thereby so many ceramic particles are also not needed, the contained quantity of ceramic particles is here again smaller than with the Standard (black) or Evolution product.

Thus it becomes by the favourable price the ideal entrance product. After approx. 50.000 km should one itself then for the accordingly needed variant: Standard (black), Evolution or Sport decide. This product is suitable for petrol/gasoline, like also diesel engines.

Ceramic Power Liquid® New Motor

is the simplest way to still more engine performance and less fuel consumption. Ceramic Power Liquid is not a conventional oil additive, but a durable coating.

This consists of microscopically small ceramic particles. Inside the engine the ceramic particles in all places settle, where friction contact exists. Under heat and friction these melt themselves firmly to a microscopically fine, but extremely resistant, (ceramic-) protective film on the metal.

Because ceramics is the most natural material with the lowest coefficient of friction, it is able to reduce friction in the engine. The engine of your vehicle needs less energy by the smaller friction for the propulsion, so that a more effective power development improves, run culture particularly in the lower speed range and a smaller fuel consumption is reached.

Ceramic Power Liquid® New Motor

offers the following results:

1) Less fuel consumption

2) Less exaust gas

3) Less wear and tear of the engine

4) Less noise

5) Less oil consumption

6) Increased compression

7) Increased motor power

8) CPL acts for the first 1-2 regularly performed oil changes.

Instructions for use:

Pour the recommended quantity of CPL-New Motor in the engine through the oil cap, being careful not to exceed the maximum level. It is advisable to change the oil when carrying out this treatment, but CPL-New Motor can also be added to oil that is still in good condition. The positive effect adjusts itself in the course of next 300 km completely from alone.

250 ml bottle sufficient to 2,000 cc motors  -  For other bottle sizes please select above.


Only the shown bottles with the current design, and such, which are supplied also only in such a way, are original goods. All different are older products (production before 2005 !), for which the manufacturer cannot transfer a warranty in its function. Particularly after very long storage the ceramic particles in the bottle can settle and one receive only a high-quality oil at a very high price.

These information is on behalf the manufacturer!

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