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Ceramic Power Liquid® Gearbox and Differential

is a multi-functional ceramic gearbox oil additive which, compared to all existing gear oil supplemets, is unique in concept and superior in properties. Gearbox protector can be mixed with any type of oil.

It contains unique composition of shearstable polymers, antioxidants, antiwear additives and technically advanced combination of micronfine, soft ceramic and multiorganometallic complexes.

Attention: This product is not suitable for use in automatic transmissions or in limitter slip differential!

Ceramic Power Liquid® Gearbox and Differential

is the easiest way to reduce fuel consumption and long-term gearbox and differential protection. Ceramic Power Liquid is not a conventional oil additive, but a durable coating.

This consists of microscopically small ceramic particles. Inside the gearbox / differential the ceramic particles in all places settle, where friction contact exists. Under heat and friction these melt themselves firmly to a microscopically fine, but extremely resistant, (ceramic-) protective film on the metal.

Because ceramics is the most natural material with the lowest coefficient of friction, it is able to reduce friction in the engine. The engine of your vehicle needs less energy to drive by the lower friction in the transmission and/or differential, so that even a lower fuel consumption is achieved.

Ceramic Power Liquid® Gearbox and Differential

offers the following results:

1) Smooth gear changing under the most extreme conditions

2) Reduction of friction

3) Reduction of wear

4) Increase of EP-properties

5) Reduction of gear box noise level

6) Improved protection against gear deformation

7) Improved hydro-static lubrification

8) CPL acts, depending on the interval, up to 1-2 regularly performed gearbox oil changes.

Instructions for use:

Simply fill the CPL-Gearbox with the next oil change into the gearbox oil. When adding between oil changes: Lift the car on the side of the gearbox oil filler cap (one side), open the screw and fill the bottle contents completely into the gearbox, then close the filler cap again. The positive effect adjusts itself in the course of next 300 km completely from alone.

100 ml bottle sufficient to 3 liters of gearbox oil.


Only the shown bottles with the current design, and such, which are supplied also only in such a way, are original goods. All different are older products (production before 2005 !), for which the manufacturer cannot transfer a warranty in its function. Particularly after very long storage the ceramic particles in the bottle can settle and one receive only a high-quality oil at a very high price. 

These information is on behalf the manufacturer!

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