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Ceramic Power Liquid® 2 Strokes

was developed particularly for 2 stroke engines and reduces the risk of piston seizures. Formulated with clean burning, synthetic anti-friction additives for maximum power and performance and provides faster starts. Ceramic Power Liquid 2 Strokes can be used both for small mopeds/mopeds/scooters, and for go-karts.

Ceramic Power Liquid® 2 Strokes

is the simplest way to still more engine performance and less fuel consumption. Ceramic Power Liquid is not a conventional oil additive, but a durable coating.

This consists of microscopically small ceramic particles. Inside the engine the ceramic particles in all places settle, where friction contact exists. Under heat and friction these melt themselves firmly to a microscopically fine, but extremely resistant, (ceramic-) protective film on the metal.

Because ceramic is the material with one of the smallest friction factor, it is therefore able to waive up to 90% of the friction in the engine. The engine of your vehicle needs less energy by the smaller friction for the propulsion, so that a more effective power development (up to 10% more power) improves, run culture particularly in the lower speed range and a up to 10-15% smaller fuel consumption is reached.

Ceramic Power Liquid® 2 Strokes

offers the following results:

1) Less wear and tear of the engine

2) Less oil consumption

3) Increased compression

4) Increased motor power

5) Improvement of the acceleration values

6) Less fuel consumption

7) Less noise

8) Less exaust gas

9) The product is here efficient for about 20.000 km.

Instructions for use:

120 ml bottle is sufficient for approx. 3 kg oil or approx. 90 litres of 2 stroke mixture. The positive effect adjusts itself in the course of next 300 km completely from alone. If the engine was treated once with the product, one can approx. 20.000 km without renewed refill of Ceramic Power Liquid 2 Strokes drive.


Only the shown bottles with the current design, and such, which are supplied also only in such a way, are original goods. All different are older products (at least over 6 years old!), for which the manufacturer cannot transfer a warranty in its function. Particularly after very long storage the ceramic particles in the bottle can settle and one receive only a high-quality oil at a very high price.

These information is on behalf the manufacturer!

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