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Ceramic Power Liquid® Superbike

is very similar to the CPL-Sport, particularly because of the high speed engines. Another important advantage is that it protects the engine with the cold starting, like e.g. after a winter break.

Ceramic Power Liquid Superbike does not have negative influence on clutches in the oil bathexcept with clutches where all discs are made of metal (e.g. BMW F 800 GS).

43.97 *
Delivery weight: 135 g

Ceramic Power Liquid® 2 Strokes

was developed particularly for 2 stroke engines and reduces the risk of piston seizures. Formulated with clean burning, synthetic anti-friction additives for maximum power and performance and provides faster starts. Ceramic Power Liquid 2 Strokes can be used both for small mopeds/mopeds/scooters, and for go-karts.

38.02 *
Delivery weight: 165 g

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Delivery weight: 245 g

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